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Dynamite Trends (With Resell Rights)

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"Dynamite Trends" is a step-by-step video package that will show you how you can make quick money without spending a single dime - By generating cash off whats happening in the world right now.

This "Dynamite Trends" system consists of a total of 6-steps, and they are:

Step 1 Locate a Dynamite Trend

Step 2 Research the Dynamite Trend

Step 3 Set up a FREE blog for the Dynamite Trend with content

Step 4 Monetize your blog for targeted traffic

Step 5 Drive targeted traffic to that Dynamite Trend blog

Step 6 Keep records of the previous 5 steps & profits from each Dynamite Trend

Once you have create your first profitable Dynamite Trend, what you need to do is to rinse and repeat the steps outlined above to create your second profitable Dynamite Trend, so on and so forth, and see your income multiplying with every profitable Dynamite Trend you create.

Now, allow me to give you a brief run-through on what each of these videos is about:

Video #1 - An Introduction To The System

By the end of video one youll understand how knowing the hottest keywords and phrases of the day can be both beneficial and profitable.

Youll learn where to find Google Hot Trends and how to navigate its interface so that you can begin putting the top keyword searches of the day to work for you.

Next, youll learn which phrases to look for and which ones to avoid and why.

Finally, youre introduced to the first method that can be used to make money from these phrases which is pay per click advertising through Google AdSense.

Video #2 - Writing Content For Your Dynamite Trend

Once youve decided upon a hot keyword or phrase youre now ready to start writing content about that particular niche.

In video two, youll learn where to look for ideas for relevant content. Once youve got some ideas it will then give you some guidelines on the proper length and layout for your articles.

In addition, youll learn a few other methods of citing content which can help cut down on your writing time drastically.

Video #3 - Creating A Free Blog With Blogger

Armed with you keyword targeted article youre now ready to create a blog.

In video three youll learn how to create and set up a free blog using

Once youve set up an account it will then take you step by step through the process of naming your blog, choosing a layout, and creating your first post using the article created in video two.

Video #4 - Monetizing Your Blog

In video four we take the blog we created in video three and learn how to monetize it, in other words use it to make money.

First off, youll be shown how to set up Google AdSense on your newly created blog.

Next, youll be taken step by step through the process of retrieving the code for the ads as well as placing them in strategic spots on your blog page.

Now that your ads are set up your site is fully monetized and ready to be promoted.

Video #5 - Driving Traffic To Your Blog

In video five youll learn how to promote your newly monetized blog.

First, youll learn how to create an account with, which is basically a site used to promote news, videos, etc.

From there youll be taken through the process of setting up a link to your blog and writing a headline relevant to your blogs content.

In addition, youll be given the dos and donts of this process as well as shown some examples of common errors that people run into when promoting their site in this way.

Youll also discover how to promote your blog through the use of RSS feeds!

Video #6 - Driving More Traffic To Your Blog

In video six youll be shown another effective method of driving traffic to your blog.

First off, youll learn how to create an account with a site called

Next, youll learn how to navigate and how to set up a link to your site in order to begin generating traffic.

Youll then be introduced to another social media website called where youll be shown step by step how to create an account and begin promoting your blog.

In addition, youll be taken through several other methods of promoting your blog through sites like,, and

Video #7 - Milking The System

In video seven youll learn how to repeat the process by checking Google Hot Trends regularly for new keywords and updating your blog with a new related post.

Once youve created the new post youll just go back through the process outlined in earlier videos and promote the new article.

This process can be repeated over and over each day as new hot keywords begin to turn up on Google Hot Trends.

Video #8 - Royalty-Free Music For Content

In the bonus video youll learn how to find and utilize royalty free music for use in videos, presentations, podcasts, etc.

Youll be shown how to sign up for a site called and choose the appropriate type of music for your particular presentation.

This is an invaluable resource for anyone getting started on the internet; youll never have to pay for background or intro music again.

For a very limited time only, I am going to let you have the Resell Rights license to the entire video course - Complete with all the video files, along with the complete product salesletter and download page.

For more Internet Marketing products, please visit us @

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